Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tomameri MP4 Player

I ordered several Tomameri MP4 devices to be used as prizes in my classroom. The player is perfect for a prize or gift for a younger child to learn responsibility. I love the lime green color of this player. It is shiny, but not blinding. The device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is not too slippery that you will drop it. The buttons click with ease, but they will make a sound when pushed inward.

A unique feature is that the player has a removable SD card that is used to store pictures, music, and videos. You can either pull the SD card out of the machine and load items on to it or plug the device in with the USB cord and drag & drop items. It does have 16GB of space but after the software is on the machine and the demo photos and music, the available space is 14.8GB.

The package will include the MP4 player, USB cord, and headphones neatly packed into a clear box that is ready to be used as a gift. It is charged and ready to use upon arrival, but I recommend allowing it to completely charge before using.

The directions are easy to follow and will help you set-up your new toy! Another unique feature is the mic; you can create recordings. It would be a great feature for students who need to record their notes to review. The display is colored and slightly pixeled, but pictures still look nice. I provided an honest review in exchange for a discount.

You can purchase your player HERE.

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